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Paragliding, Bungee Jumping and White Water Rafting in Interlaken, Switzerland

bungee jumping interlaken

In 2008 I was living and studying in Rome, Italy. While there, my friends and I were constantly looking for trips to take and it was through this searching that I found out about Interlaken, Switzerland and once again added it to my list.

Interlaken is an outdoor adventure sport mecca. Hiking, climbing, paragliding, white water rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping and more. Interlaken has an activity for everyone.

Fast Forward 8 Years

While the trip never materialized during my time in Rome (too expensive), I found an opportunity to visit when I was traveling to Croatia 8 years later.

I arrived in Zurich and took a 2 hour train to Interlaken. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with taking a train in Switzerland. The entire country is picturesque and the 2 hours flew by as I stared out the window.

downtown interlaken

After settling into my hostel I made my way down to the adventure shop I had booked with. These guys and gals offer a top notch service and I can easily recommend them. Book in advance though. You’d hate to get all the way there and miss out because something is booked.

First Up, Paragliding

I chose paragliding over sky diving because it lasts longer and I wanted to take in the view. I still haven’t been skydiving but it’s on the list (along with a lot of other things).

paragliding interlaken

We took a bus to the top of the mountain, strapped in and on the count of 3, ran and jumped.

It was an incredible flight as you get a (literally) birds-eye view of the valley below and the surrounding mountains.

The flight must’ve lasted at least 20 minutes as my driver kept hitting upward air current’s that lifted us higher.

All in all an incredible experience and must do while in Interlaken.

Next Up, Bungee Jumping

I headed back to the hostel, grabbed a quick nap and set back out for my next adventure, bungee jumping. Another thing I’ve never tried, this was a trip of firsts for me.

A group of us set out and we drove through the adjacent valley until we got to a ski resort.

From there we took a gondola up to the first tier of the mountain and hopped in another gondola to head up to the second tier.

A video posted by Tyler (@_life.of.ty_) on

That’s the gondola over the lake and if you look close enough you’ll notice a tiny person jumping.

Note that I visited in June and I doubt bungee jumping is available in the winter as the gondolas will undoubtedly be transporting skiers and snowboarders.

As the gondola took us over this beautiful mountain lake we lurched to a halt.

This is where we would be jumping from and the backdrop was bad-ass.

Adrenaline pumping, I dove out and flew. That is until gravity took over and I was headed straight for the lake. It was an absolutely incredible experience and easily a top 10 adrenaline rush. Simply awesome.

…And Finally, White Water Rafting

Having had my adrenaline fill for the day, I went back to get some rest.

I woke up in the morning with one activity left; white water rafting.

The rivers in the area are fed by glacial melt, which makes them fairly chilly. But you do have a pretty thick wet suit on so it’s not that bad and I was never really cold.

But we had a blast going down the river and doing our best ‘River Wild’ impressions.

The end of the trip down the river winds its way through town for a great ending.

Parting Thoughts on Interlaken, Switzerland

Finally getting to Interlaken was a dream come true. I was only able to spend two days there and can’t wait for the next opportunity to head back.

There are activities year round and many that I still want to try.

Next stop: Croatia

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