Travel Resources

All the travel resources below I can personally vouch for as I have used them in the past. The sites listed below will help you plan and book your next adventure.



SkyScanner can be used for flights, hotels and rental cars but I primarily use it for flight searches. I love SkyScanner for one very important reason. For your destination, they allow you to put ‘Everywhere’. So select your dates and start exploring.

Google Flight Search

This is another great flight tool. The neat thing about Google Flight is that once you put in your first search parameters, a map pops up that shows all the other destinations and associated prices. Very useful when you know dates but are still debating on the location.

EasyJet Inspire Me

This may very well be my favorite flight tool for Europe. All you need to get started is your departing city. From there, the tool will tell you the cheapest flights to all the destinations that Easy Jet flies to. Know your travel dates? No problem, add them in and the tool will tell you the cheapest flights for just those dates.


Hostel World

Absolutely essential for any backpacker. They have a fantastic, easy to use website and mobile app. Simply type in your destination and dates and a list of hostels and hotels will appear. Filter by ratings (I usually go with 8 and above), location, price, reviews, etc.


After Hostel World, AirBnb is my go to website for finding accommodation. The interface is super friendly and most listings offer greater flexibility than hotels would. The link above will give you a free $25 voucher to use when you book with AirBnB.

A good alternative to AirBnB if you’re looking for hotels and not rentals. I’ve used them in the past and my experiences to date have been great.


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