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How to Decide on What to Write on Your Blog

How to Decide

Unless the blog you are about to make is strictly for your own satisfaction, you are probably hoping to have readers. So, it is essential for you to consider what might be interesting for other people to read. Even though blogging has grown bigger over the years, it is still difficult to decide on what to topic to write about.

Starting a Blog

Since a blog can either be about the sharing of information, exploring a hobby, documenting your life or expressing your passion, the key to deciding on what to write is all about knowing what you want to talk about on your new blog.  You can consider the following when you start doing your blog:

Write about what you love

Writing about what you love means you have to choose a subject that genuinely interests you. Do not choose a specific topic that you are not good at or not interested in because instead of attracting readers, you might lose them due to content quality. As a blogger, you must write about what you love because your enthusiasm about a subject can really help you target the readers you want and keep them loyal and coming back for more.

Write about what you are expert in

Similar to the first one, you should not forget that you have to write about topics that you have knowledge about. Your blog will always turn out fine when you are well-versed about the topic. The content will be meaningful and relevant to your readers if they can see that the blog is well-written.

Don’t think you’re an expert in anything? That’s ridiculous. We are all experts.

  • What do you do for a living – are you a mechanic? That makes you an expert in cars. Are you a financial consultant? That more than likely makes you an expert in Excel or financial modeling or project management.
  • What are you good at – Can you play an instrument? Are you good at a particular sport? Are you good at math or science or literature. What are your skills?
  • What are your hobbies – Do you knit? Do you collect coins or build model cars? Do you workout or do yoga? Hobbies can be great topics since it’s usually something you’re passionate about and a topic you’re an expert in.

Think about your potential readers

Who are your readers? How can your blog be more appealing to them? What should you write to keep them reading your blog posts? These are few considerations that you need to take not when you are writing a blog. It is not only about what you want but also about who you are writing for. Your readers play a very important role in making your blog successful.

For bloggers, the success of a blog is defined by keeping, attracting, and growing your target audience of interested readers. Preferably, the kind of audience that interacts with one another and leaves comments for you and for other readers.

What the Reader Wants

What your readers want is also very important for you to know how to decide on what to write on your blog. Sometimes, blogging is not just about what you want to share but also about what others want you to write about. If your readers happen to increase, there is a big possibility that some of them may suggest topics for you to write about. So, you should be open on what your readers want.

Readers want to solve a problem

Do you have solutions to what people get frustrated about? This can help your blog to take off. There are many readers as well as bloggers out there who sometimes get frustrated about techy blogging. You can help solve this problem by sharing tools, tutorials and tips.

Readers want to relieve their fears

What are the things that people are afraid of? Perhaps you can help in easing those fears. If you yourself have the same experiences as your readers, might as well write about something that will ease them. You can share healing and hope or you can offer help to those facing financial situations or job loss.

Readers want to learn something new

You can also consider writing a blog that would teach your readers about stuff. If you can write something unique and educational, you can. There are many things around you and your readers that they may want to discover and learn.

Readers want to reach a goal

Try to know the goals of your readers. As for you, did you also set significant goals and already reach them? You can use your experiences to spell out how you were able to achieve your own goals and inspire your readers on their own journey.

For example, weight loss and fitness can be one of the most common goals of people today as well as getting out of their debts. Reaching big goals requires inspiration. Your readers would be very happy to know that there is someone who shares the same sentiments as them.

Readers want to be entertained

A fascinating story, interesting life, and outrageously funny stuff can be forms of entertainment for your readers. Downtimes do happen and people need blogs that entertain them at times like this. As a creative blogger, you can provide blogs that are totally unique, entertaining and helpful. Entertainment + relevance = a great blog.

Wrapping Up

All of the things mentioned above are tips for you on how to decide on what to write on your blog. You can think of countless great ideas out of these tips. It is not easy to decide on what you will be blogging about because you may be afraid about the reaction of the readers. as your blog progresses and you learn more about your readers, your style and content will undoubtedly evolve. This is OK.

However, there are plenty of ways to overcome this. You just need to research, be flexible, be original and have the edge. Many people are waiting to see your blog. You will never see the end if you do not take a step towards it, right?

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