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Profile Image Life of TyHi. My name is Tyler and I’m a banking consultant by day; traveler, adventurer and entrepreneur by night. I’ve lived in Michigan, Rome, New York and now London. Although I’ve traveled to quite a few places I’m always looking for my next adventure. A fun weekend for me is heading to the train station and picking a destination for the day, hitting the golf links, spending time near or in the water or enjoying some pints with friends. I’ve found that not having an itinerary has led to some of my greatest adventures and, admittedly, some of my most harrowing moments.

I hope you enjoy the Life Of Ty Blog and I hope some of my stories help motivate and inspire you to get out and explore and do.

All the articles, photos and videos found on Life of Ty are taken and/or created by me. They are meant to be true and accurate accounts of my experiences.

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